My (re)search for (Action for) Happiness

Meet Caroline, who is part of the team behind setting up Happy Cafe Ely, a professional trainer and facilitator and a passionate supporter of Action for Happiness. Caroline will be facilitating the first Happy Cafe Ely coffee morning on Wednesday 12th July which is being held at Julia's tearoom. We hope to see you there!

I tripped over the organisation Action for Happiness accidentally. I think it was a suggested post from Facebook!

Initially, the reason I took it seriously was because the patron was the Dalai Lama, an individual I respect immensely. When the Dalai Lama speaks, he does so with consideration and humour – both vital to sustain my interest.

I should admit to both a personal and professional interest in the kind of endeavour that Action for Happiness is encouraging; which is small, realistic actions that will make a positive difference to your own wellbeing and/or that of your community.

Professionally, I deliver development workshops that help teams work better together and individuals work to the best of their abilities.

Personally, I believe that there is always something proactive that can be done to improve my own wellbeing*. And I believe that self-awareness is the key. All easier said than done of course.

*With the caveat of when you are unwell, physically or mentally. Then I find that you just need to deal with the basics until you have a more stable foundation.

I started exploring. I realised I wasn’t looking after myself particularly well and it was having a negative impact on various parts of my life. I made a few decisions…. I can balance work and life better. I can be kinder to myself. I can look after my body, so I feel better.

I then had to decide to do something about it. I’d committed to some change, now it was a question of what and how?.

For me, I needed guidance, support, encouragement, company. These came in the form of going to Action for Happiness talks.

I went to see the Dalai Lama speak. I was surrounded by open minded people who wanted to make small changes for their own betterment and that of the people around them. The Dalai Lama certainly encouraged that. I met some really interesting and inspiring people. Normal people, who had committed to positive change in their life.

I went to an interesting talk on improving productivity (I’m a master procrastinator) and since then have written a short workshop and tried out lots of useful techniques to better manage my tasks.

I’d been talking about self-care and the need for more of it in my life for an age. Action for Happiness and hitting 42 gave me a kick start. The positive drive of a community of people with the same end goal; some guidance and a bit of self-esteem and I was off. I have even started exercising (a small miracle).

This hasn’t happened overnight, I picked up small, realistic tips from the website, talked with friends and people I met at the talks about the ethos and the 10 keys for happiness. About two years after first coming across Action for Happiness I got involved in setting up the Happy Café. All the little steps I’ve taken have contributed to a phase that I really hope sticks.

I’ll be going to more talks – that’s my preferred way of learning new things. But Action for Happiness have great suggestions for books, talks and now of course Ely’s very own Happy Café.

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